What is Design for Wellness?

Design for wellness is simply this: because you choose personal wellness, your new home should fully enable it.

A well designed home will support your healthy choices in every way so that it can literally cause wellness.
We might go so far as to say it could actually extend your life.


We carefully consider the design of your home through all seven aspects of human well being:


We design for wellness by:

  • Avoiding hidden, toxic chemicals in building materials
  • Designing air and water systems to filter out impurities
  • Paying attention to the natural cycles of daylight and the changing seasons to harmonize with your circadian rhythms
  • Designing spaces that will adapt to your changing family and social arrangements
  • Engaging biophilia, that is our innate connection to nature
  • Appealing to all the senses, beyond simply how it looks, with tactile and sensual qualities of materials that address the complete person
  • And if that isn’t enough, add in a design process that is fun, social, collaborative and satisfying

The end result of design for wellness is a home that is healthy, natural and personally sustainable. Sounds like a home we would want to live in too.
You and your family can smile and breathe easy in a home like this.