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FAQ's about architects, insurance, confidentiality and more.

Here you’ll find answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

Why should I use an architect?2019-01-17T15:47:57-07:00

When the words “Architect, AAA” follow someone’s name it means they are a registered architect and are therefore legally bound by a certain rights, duties and responsibilities. Some of the prerequisites of this professional designation include:

  • Minimum education requirements: a Master of Architecture degree takes 6 years.
  • A mandatory set of registration exams prior to licensing.
  • Internship of approximately 5 years to gain specific types of experience under direct supervision of a qualified architect.
  • Architecture is a self governing profession regulated provincially by the Architect’s Act, Alberta.
  • Mandatory continuing education of 70 hours bi-annually.
  • Annual licence renewal required.
  • Architects are bound by a professional Code of Ethics.
  • We have a duty to public safety and must always act in the best interest of our clients.

See more at the Alberta Association of Architects website.

Are you insured?2019-01-17T15:58:15-07:00

Yes! We carry professional liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions insurance. Our policy is reviewed and renewed every two years for adequate coverage. In addition, we are very proud to say we have never been involved in a claim! And that reflects very well on everyone involved in our projects, including our entire team of contractors, engineers, and of course our clients themselves.

Ask us for details about our current coverage and terms.

What is your policy on privacy and confidentiality?2019-01-17T16:05:40-07:00

Privacy and confidentiality of our clients is something we take very seriously. Any information a client shares in the course of our client-architect relationship stays confidential. Complying with the Architects Code of Ethics is a matter of professional integrity:

“An authorized entity (i.e. the architect) must hold in strict confidence all information respecting the business and affairs of a client.”

“An authorized entity must act in the best interest of its client.”

“An authorized entity shall not disclose any information respecting the business and affairs of a client unless the authorized entity is expressly or impliedly authorized to do so by the client.”

Need more? You can download a PDF of the Code of Ethics from the Alberta Association of Architects website.

Our respect also extends to any other team members involved in a project, from contractors and sub trades, to engineers and other consultants.

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