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Services we offer

Experienced in the design of wood frame and steel buildings. New buildings, additions, renovations and tenant improvements from initial design concepts through permit stage and construction to the finished building.

Single family and multi-family design including new buildings, additions and renovations.

Our office works exclusively in 3D to better understand the spatial qualities of our projects. Depending on our client’s needs, visualization techniques range from simple to photo-realistic. We can also provide interactive presentations and video fly-throughs.

A deep understanding of complex building code and land use bylaw requirements can help ensure our design work is feasible at an early stage. We have experience with both Part 3 (large, commercial) and Part 9 (residential) buildings as well as the recently implemented NECB code (National Energy Code for Buildings) which applies to all new buildings, additions and renovations.
As an extension of our 3D modelling process we can quickly prepare sun and shadow diagrams for specific days and times of the year, as well as animations showing the progression of the sun on any day of the year.
We have many years experience taking projects through the development permit process on behalf of our clients. Providing accurate information helps ensure timely approvals for our projects.

We are able to apply for building permits on behalf of our clients and contractors. Providing professional, comprehensive, accurate drawings to the city helps timely approvals.

Doing some preliminary design work early on can inform land purchase decisions by taking into account land use bylaw requirements such as setbacks and building heights, as well as parking, waste collection, drainage and many other factors.

We provide accurate, comprehensive construction documents consisting of drawings and specifications to help ensure timely approvals and accurate tender pricing. We do architectural drawings in house and engage structural, mechanical and electrical engineers as required, along with any specialty consultants such as civil engineering, landscape design, acoustic consultant, kitchen design, and more.

We help our clients set realistic project timelines by outlining each phase of work from conceptual design through to permits and construction.
We often undertake feasibility studies to help our clients understand the spatial and financial implications of their project at an early stage, which may involve preliminary design, programming space requirements, cost estimates and more, often to compare different design options.

A component of our standard services, we undertake periodic field reviews during construction to determine that the project is progressing according to the design intent and is in compliance with permit conditions.

As advocates of the WELL-Certified system we find it increasingly important to design buildings for all aspects of human wellness, whether it’s to allow occupants access to clean air and water, adequate natural light, or selecting building components that avoid toxic materials. We all deserve to work and live in healthy buildings.
We are able to assist our clients navigate the city’s land use redesignation (rezoning) process. From preparing and submitting the application to attending planning meetings and speaking on behalf of the owner, as may be required for each individual project.
Typically an owner brings their own detailed program of spatial requirements; if not, we are able to help prepare a program document that serves to guide the design through the initial stages.
We can assist our clients with preparing bidding documents, analyzing contractor’s bids and selecting the best contractor for the project. We have experience with both stipulated price contracts as well as construction management, and are able to assist our clients prepare construction contracts.

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